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Below are some photos from some very creative Choc Art customers to give you inspiration.  All Choc Art customers are welcome to show off their works of art here, email photos to:  [email protected]

Want to see some chocolate making in action?  Click here to view students from Kerrys Chocolate Making Course and what they got upto on their last lesson.

Kerry from Longreach Qld, sent in these great photos of birthday cakes she made using moulded chocolate to stunningly decorate the cakes.  Moulds used:  Carousel Double Mould, Triangle, 10x5cm Rectangle, Stars, Large numbers.  Kerry has used powder colours to colour white chocolate and cake decorating wire to attach the chocolate to (using melted chocolate as glue!).  Cake decorating wire is available from most cake decorating shops.   Gold and silver stars were painted with edible metallic paint (available from Choc Art store)  Fantastic!

I was asked to make a special shoe chocolate for a teachers 60th birthday.  Using the Ladies High Heel 3d Shoe mould, this is what I was able to come up with.  Using milk and white Cadbury Melting buttons, I splashed white on both insides of the 3d mould, then poured milk over the top.  Because both the milk and white were still warm, they blended together to achieve a marble effect.  Easy to make and looks great!

Diana Lo from Sydney made these cute choccies for easter using the alphabet mould, small flop earred rabbit 3d mould, bite size bunnies mould and some powder colours.  Great job!

Joanne Unthank from Victoria has been busy again, look at these amazing wedding pieces.   The cake on the left is just delightful and made with chocolate shards around the edges of the cake and beautifully decorated with attractive ribbon and initial, heart and bride & groom ornaments.  The jar of chocolate bomboniere on the right was used with chocolate transfer sheets and read "We thank you for sharing in our lives and special day Kate & Shaun xxx"

Sharon van de Zand from Victoria made this fantastic wedding cake for her sister-in-law's wedding.  Very creative!

Lauren Jenkins from Victoria cleverly used an alphabet mould and a set of powder colours to spell out Happy Birthday on cupcakes.  Very effective and a great idea, well done!

The lovely Kris Stanley from Sydney who is a regular customer, has sent me this photo.  As part of her Desperate Housewives act, Kris and her friend Lizzie dress up as famous celebrities and put on a great show!  On this occassion, Kris is dressed up as Bindi.  She is giving another impersonator (Dame Edna) a chocolate slab made with white chocolate and a transfer of Kris and Liz being desperate housewives.  Their catch phrase is "Adventure before Dementia".  For more information, click here.

Kris also made this wonderful cake for Lizzie's birthday recently.  Lizzie loves Christian Dior, so Choc Art printed special chocolate transfer sheets with the Christian Dior logo so Kris could use the rectangle shard chocolate mould with the transfer to make the border for the cake out of white chocolate.  The white block on top of the cake is also a transfer made with a favourite photo.   Well done Kris, you did a fantastic job!


Vicki Kuizenga from Victoria has made these fantastic cakes using various chocolates moulds.  Great job Vicki!

Nicole Voorhout from Sydney sent in these photos.  It is only a four inch cake covered in chocolate fondant.  The chocolate bouquet is a half a chocolate ball using the chocolate ball mould, and marbled roses using the small roses mould with some fondant blossoms to fill in the gaps!  Beautiful!

Joanne Unthank from Victoria has been busy again, look at these amazing creations:

Bronwyn Darby from Queensland made this beautiful cake for her daughters 13th birthday.  Well done!

Look what Nicole Voorhout has come up with now:

The first cake is a portrait of Bon Jovi and is done on fondant in chocolate and the shading in cocoa.  Nicole has carried the chocolate through by marbling the chocolate. So very chocolate inspired. 

The second cake is a wedding cake with a beach theme (The wedding was held on a beach).  Nicole came to the rescue when the bride didn't get the cake she was suppose to get.  It uses the large and smaller seashell shapes made in white, dark and marbled chocolate, some dusted with some lustre dust also.

Wonderful work Nicole - Too nice to Slice!

Joey Ledlie from Ipswich makes great fudge, cookies, cupcakes and choccies like these.  Read her blog by clicking on this link:

Leanne Browne came up with this beautiful wedding cake.  The 10x5cm rectangle chocolate mould was used to make the chocolate shards around the cake which Leanne said made her job a lot easier.  Her friend Debbie Black did the chocolate piping.  Great job girls!

When Toby (aged 7) had a school project on making chocolates,  he decided he wanted to make strawberry flavoured chocolates that actually looked like and tasted like strawberries, so his mum rang me for advice.  They ordered the large strawberry chocolate mould with red and green powder colour, strawberry flavouring oil and a brush.  So with instructions in hand and minimal help from mum, this is what Toby achieved:

  Well done Toby, a great effort! 

Rebecca from Melbourne has been brilliantly clever again.  Both these creations are cakes!  The Louis Vuitton Handbag cake complete with puppy was made using printed fondant sheets of the Louis Vuitton pattern that Choc Art printed for Rebecca.   The T-shirt cake looks great too with another fondant sheet custom made to suit the occassion and the person!  Great job, what will she create next??

Nicole from Sydney has come up with another amazing creation.  She has made this fantastic cake for her nephew's birthday.  He wanted money for his birthday so Nicole made him a money cake.  The coins are made out of chocolate using the coins chocolate mould and painted with silver and gold edible metallic paint.  Can't wait to see what she comes up with next time!

Valentina from Sydney has sent in these lovely photos.  With the first photo, she has used the basket mould and a round mould for the base and decorated it with fondant flowers.  The cake is decorated using the Angel 3d mould as the centre piece and cute cherubs mould made from blue coloured white chocolate.  The other decorations are made from fondant.  Beautiful work!

Nicole from Cakes & More has sent in this photo of a beautiful cake she made.  It is made of Kahlua flavoured chocolates in Chocolate, Gold and Red bronze, with fondant and chocolate fondant blossoms. Used two multi moulds but just used the roses from one and bottle tops from another.  Nice one!!

Win Atkinson of Tasmania is one of my regular customers.  Below are her lovely pieces of work.  To contact Win, please email [email protected]

No. 1 - Win used the Just for the Record mould and milk melting buttons to make this and decorated it with gold edible paint.
No. 2 - Win used the 3d Motor Cycle mould, powder colours and edible paint to create these stunning pieces.
No. 3 - Win used the deep rosebud and logs mould with pink and blue foil, truffle papers in a nice box
No. 4 - Win used the Jeans mould with blue coloured white chocolate.  Looks great!
No. 5 - Win used the large fairy mould and painted with coloured white chocolate
No. 6 - Win used the construction vehicle mould with yellow and black coloured white chocolate.

Well done, Win, these pieces are absolutely gorgeous and look too good to eat!


1.                                                  2.                                           3.

4.                                    5.                                                                                 6.

Here is what you can do with powder colours, white and milk melting buttons! 


Shirley Sengstock of Qld has sent in these photos.  A beautiful display of colour co-ordinated white chocolates. 
Shirley has used various heart gift box moulds and the fairy mould to achieve these stunning pieces.
Great gift ideas, especially for MOTHERS DAY!  

To contact Shirley, please email:  [email protected]

Shirley also made these:

If you havent got the time or patience for getting creative with chocolate, but would like to give chocolate art for a special gift, like this:

 click here to check out this great website

Lauren Burgess from Adelaide made her own brilliant wedding cake using chocolate transfer sheets and the rectangle shape shard chocolate mould.  Well done Lauren, you did a fantastic job.

Here is a great idea for the Christmas Dinner Table.  At each place setting there was a little goody bag which has a slice of fruit cake, a biscuit and a white chocolate with a xmas image with the words "Thank you for Sharing Christmas day with us"

Anne from Adelaide has sent this photo of her son's 8th birthday cake. He is crazy about star wars!   She used two different star moulds, the star transfer sheets and the custom made transfer sheet for the centrepiece in white chocolate coloured black.  Looks great and it is all edible!

Valentina Colman from Sydney attended one of our classes and look what she came up with after!  Great work, very creative!

A delightful easter egg hand painted and a delicious torte using chocolate decorations using the koukaburra and flower mould.

Here are some delightful Australian Animals using milk, white and coloured chocolate and a 3d piano with gold coins filled inside.  These were gifts, very unique gifts! 

Thats the great thing about chocolate making, you can create so many unusal pieces and you get just as much enjoyment from giving as you do making!

Nicole Voorhout from NSW sent us this photo of a beautiful chocolate bouquet which sat ontop of a cake.  Nicole got together with some other creative cake decoraters to start up an Australian Cake Decorating Forum website.  I was delighted to meet Nicole whilst we were in Sydney and I highly recommend to any of my customers wanting to learn more about cake decorating to check out this website: 

One of my regular Di Smith from Queensland has sent these lovely photos, great work Diane!

Choc Art made personalized chocolates using chocolate transfer sheets to compliment a dessert for  Verandah's client Hardy Bros at their special function.  A very clever marketing idea! Check out the Verandah Restuarant  and wine bar (Sydney)

These photos come from Joanne Unthank, Paynesville Victoria.  Joanne used coloured white chocolate, the star, happy birthday and heart moulds to decorate these beautiful cakes and the shards on the heart cake were made with purple frangipani chocolate transfer sheet. A lovely display of colours.

Joanne also made these beautiful cakes below using various chocolate moulds and white coloured melting buttons.   Isn't she clever!   I love her creative colour co-ordinations, they are just so vibrant and brilliant.  Joanne had no prior training, she is self taught (with a little help from Choc Art).  As you can imagine, she is busy making lovely cakes like these for others.  Congratulations Joanne!

Rebecca Mingins from Victoria came up with this clever idea for a baby shower.  She used the mobile phone chocolate mould, with pink coloured white chocolate, a transfer sheet of a cute baby and edible gold paint. 

She also used the crawling baby 3d mould to decorate these delicious looking cupcakes

These beautifully coloured white chocolates were hand made by Victoria Lee from Yea in Victoria.  Victoria is making chocolates to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis.  If you would like to contact Victoria, email her at [email protected] 

This beautiful Chocolate House was created by April Shepherd from Wyee NSW using the house 3d chocolate mould, a fantastic idea at Christmas! 

These photos were sent in by Jane S from Adelaide.   Jane has made the snowman box using coloured powders and white chocolate and the snowman one pour box mould.  There was plenty of room inside for some more treats.  The stackable christmas tree looks great with smarties, a fantastic idea for the christmas table setting. 

Kerrie Meyers from NSW made these feet chocolates with a photo of the happy couple (using chocolate transfer sheets) and a feet wedding cake.   They were for her niece's wedding.  The Groom is known as "The Barefoot Fisherman".  The wedding cake and favours were based on the foot and fish theme.  What an incredibly wonderful way to make a wedding unforgetable!  Good job Kerrie!

The photos below supplied by Leonie Gerring Email:  [email protected] 

or phone 02 43682776.