Why Make your own Chocolates??

Chocolate making is so easy and is lots of fun. Even kids can do it! From basic solid chocolates, soft centres, colourful chocolates to 3d creations, we can help you achieve some stunning pieces of chocolate.

You can make your own chocolates for all kinds of occasions:

Wedding Bonboniere and engagement, gift giving, birthday celebrations, cake decorations, loot/lolly bags, valentines day or just to say I love you, Mothers and Fathers day, dinner parties, BBQ’s and entertaining, afternoon teas, baby showers and christenings, fundraising for cake stalls, fetes etc, get well gifts, thank you gifts, Easter & Christmas gifts/crafts etc.

You will gain much satisfaction making your own gifts and treats, and they will have extra special meaning for the people who enjoy them.



A cute 3d cottage made by an 11 year old using white chocolate coloured using powder colours and painted onto the mould, then joined together with melted chocolate

A green chocolate croc

Go on!  Give it a go, you'll catch the chocolate craft bug!  It is fast becoming the latest craze!